Average daily commute in Seoul area: 1 hour, 13 minutes

Posted on : 2007-06-07 17:19 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST
Those living in surrounding suburbs have a nearly 2-hour average commute

It takes more than one hour for citizens living in Seoul and its surrounding areas to commute to and from work every day.

According to a survey of 2,116 workers living in Seoul and its surrounding areas, performed by online recruitment firm Incruit, the average total daily commute stood at 1 hour and 13 minutes. A Seoul worker’s average daily transportation fee was 6,200 won (US$6.70), using an average of 1.8 means of transportation to get to work.

Of those surveyed, 60.6 percent said they spend more than one hour daily getting to and from work, and 23.3 percent said they spent over two hours.

Citizens who have to travel between Seoul and its surrounding areas spent the most time (1 hour 45 minutes), followed by those traveling between home and work within Seoul (1 hours 17 minutes) and those commuting solely within non-metropolitan areas (56 minutes).

The survey showed that more than one out of every two people spend over 100,000 won in commuting monthly. Those who spent 100,000-200,000 won accounted for 22 percent, and 16.2 percent said they spend 200,000-300,000 won on monthly transportation fees; 13.7 percent said they used more than 300,000 won.

What do citizens do on their long commutes?

The survey showed that 30.1 percent of those using public transportation said that they watch movies, listen to music, or play games; 21.7 percent said that they sleep; 18.1 percent said they devise the day’s work plan, and 18.1 percent said they read books.

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