Kia launches electric car that can travel record distances on a single charge

Posted on : 2018-07-22 09:23 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST
The Niro EV has greater power than combustion-engine vehicles of same class
Kia Motors launched its new electric car
Kia Motors launched its new electric car

The Niro EV, an electric car that can travel up to 385km on a single charge, has officially hit the market.

Kia Motors announced the launch on July 19 of the Niro EV, an electric version of its eco-friendly subcompact crossover Niro model. With a maximum output of 150 kW (204 hp) and a maximum torque of 395 N·m (40.3㎏·f·m), it boasts greater power than international combustion engine-based vehicles in the same class. On a single full charge, it can travel 385 km with a 64-kWh battery and 246 km with a 39.2-kWh battery. It has a total length of 4,375mm, width of 1,805mm, and height of 1,560mm with a 2,700mm wheelbase, ranking it at the top of its class.

The Niro EV features a number of specialized electric car features. These include real-time information on charging station through an audio/video navigation (AVN) system and a “charging notification system” with a charging station search pop-up function when destinations are inputted. Drivers can also take advantage of a “charging completion battery amount setting” feature to adjust the time and amount of charging, as well as a “scheduled/remote charging function” to set charging times in advance. Other features include a “smart regeneration system” that increases battery efficiency through automatic controls on the regenerative braking stage and a “heat pump system” that minimizes air conditioning electricity consumption by recycling the vehicle’s waste heat.

In terms of safety, the vehicle includes “drivewise” options such as forward collision-avoidance assist (FCA), lane keep assist (LKA), smart cruise control (SCC), and driver attention warning (DAW) systems. Different trims also offer blind-spot collision warning (BCW), high beam assist (HBA), and highway driving assist (HDA) functions. Two trims are currently available with a 64-kWh battery: the Prestige and the Noblesse.

After tax benefits are factored in, the Prestige can be purchased for 47.8 million won (US$42,200) and the Noblesse for 49.8 million won (US$43,900), Kia explained. With the inclusion of local government subsidy benefits for the city of Seoul, the Prestige can be bought for as little as 30.8 million won (US$27,200) and the Noblesse for 32.8 million won (US$28,900).

Drivers who do not get a lot of use from their cars or depend on them mainly for commuting to and from work may consider the “slim package” for shorter driving distances (39.2-kWh battery). The minor options cost around 3.5 million won (US$3,100) less than with the basic model.

With the Niro EV’s launch, Kia also announced that it will be beefing up its specialized electric car services. The measures to be introduced include a 10-year, 160,000-km warranty on electric car parts and a lifetime warranty program for high-voltage batteries. Specialized electric car maintenance services are to be provided at 99 service bases around South Korea (18 directly operated, 81 through AUTO Q).

By Choi Ha-yan, staff reporter

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