Will Fifty Fifty break Blackpink’s Billboard Hot 100 records?

Posted on : 2023-05-17 17:31 KST Modified on : 2023-05-17 17:31 KST
The K-pop girl group’s song “Cupid” has been on the chart for 8 consecutive weeks, a tie with Blackpink
K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty. (courtesy of Attrakt)
K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty. (courtesy of Attrakt)

K-pop group Fifty Fifty’s track “Cupid” has hit the No. 17 spot on the Hot 100, Billboard’s main singles chart. The song has stayed on the Hot 100 chart for eight consecutive weeks now, putting it head-and-head with Blackpink for the longest stay on the chart by a K-pop girl group.

This week’s chart, released by Billboard on Tuesday (local time) showed “Cupid” up two spots from 19 last week.

“Cupid” has been on the chart for eight weeks now, debuting at 100, then climbing the ranks to 94, 85, 60, 50, 41, 19, and finally 17. The track is now tied with Blackpink and Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” for the record for longest stay on the Hot 100 chart by a Korean girl group.

“Cupid” is a shoo-in to break the record set by “Ice Cream” next week, but all eyes are on whether it will be able to also edge out a higher peak on the chart than Blackpink’s song, which topped out at No. 13, the highest on the rankings reached by any Korean girl group.

“Cupid” has reached No. 2 on the Billboard Global Excl. US and No. 3 on the Global 200. These are the second-highest ranking spots by a Korean girl group, after Blackpink’s No. 1 rankings on each.

Signed to the midsize talent agency Attrakt, Fifty Fifty debuted last November. After releasing “Cupid” on Feb. 24, the song went on to be a viral hit on TikTok, pushing it to the top of the Spotify charts and buoying its rise on Billboard. “Cupid” also managed to hit the No. 8 spot on the UK’s Official Singles Chart Top 100.

By Suh Jung-min, staff reporter

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