Endangered peace in Gangjeong

Posted on : 2011-07-27 14:32 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST

In the above photo, civic organization activists and U.S. military base specialist David Vine, professor of American University, pray for peace on the coast of Gangjeong Village.

In the second photo, a flag with slogans against the construction of a naval base waves in the wind.

In the third photo, activists wage a protest holding a banner that reads, “Stay Strong Gangjeong, Let’s protect peace!!”

The photo below shows artwork created through a rusted steel plate, crafting a hole in the shape of a warship.

Forcible police suppression appears imminent against residents in Gangjeong Village, Seogwipo, who have spent nearly four years opposing government plans to build a naval base on Jeju Island.

(Photo by Kim Tae-hyoung)