China warns of economic retaliation after “gross interference” in its internal affairs by SK, US, JP

Posted on : 2023-08-22 17:18 KST Modified on : 2023-08-22 17:18 KST
The spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry said the Camp David summit constituted an attempt to “sow discord” between China and its neighbors
Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, gives a briefing on Aug. 18. (courtesy of FMPRC)
Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, gives a briefing on Aug. 18. (courtesy of FMPRC)

China called the decision the leaders of South Korea, the US and Japan made on Friday to strengthen their countries’ military and economic cooperation “an act of gross interference in China’s internal affairs” which it “deplores and strongly opposes.”

When asked about China’s position on the recent Camp David summit at Monday’s regular press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin remarked, “The trilateral summit of leaders of the US, Japan, and the ROK at Camp David smeared and attacked China on Taiwan and maritime issues — an act of gross interference in China’s internal affairs, a deliberate attempt to sow discord between China and our neighbors and a serious violation of norms in international relations. China deplores and strongly opposes this and has made solemn démarches to relevant parties.”

Wang continued, “Attempts to stoke a new Cold War in the region will be met by firm rejection of regional countries and peoples,” adding, “We urge relevant countries not to go against the trend of the times, stop replicating the bloc confrontation elsewhere in this region, and stop pursuing selfish gains at the expense of other countries’ strategic and security interests and the wellbeing of people in Asia-Pacific.

Regarding Taiwan, considered a core interest of China’s that the country will never concede on, Wang stated, “The Taiwan question is purely China’s internal affair. Resolving it is a matter for the Chinese. [. . .] No one should underestimate the determination, resolve and capability of the Chinese people in safeguarding China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Concerning the South China Sea, where China is coming into conflict with neighboring countries about territorial sovereignty, Wang claimed, “China has indisputable sovereignty over the Nanhai Zhudao (islands in the South China Sea) and the adjacent waters,” adding, “The US, together with its allies, frequently conducted military exercises and close-in reconnaissance in waters around China, including the South China Sea, to flex muscles and intensify tensions in the region. The US has become the biggest threat and challenge to regional peace and stability.”

China’s state-run Global Times also wrote, “The Camp David meeting of the heads of state from the US, Japan and South Korea released a message indicating that Japan and South Korea will tie themselves more tightly to the US chariot of global containment against China, which is bound to have a severe impact on economic and trade cooperation in the region,” arguing that this will “inevitably erode mutual trust among the three nations [of South Korea, China, and Japan] in economic and trade cooperation” and serve as a “significant turning point for China, South Korea and Japan,” forewarning economic retaliation against South Korea and Japan.

By Choi Hyun-june, Beijing correspondent

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