If they could vote in US election, 82% of S. Koreans would go with Hillary Clinton

Posted on : 2016-10-01 17:50 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST
Virtual vote of 44,194 adults in 45 countries around the world finds China with highest support for Trump
The results of a Gallup International “virtual vote” on the US presidential election
The results of a Gallup International “virtual vote” on the US presidential election

If given the right to vote in the US presidential election - the focus of the world’s attention as it looms on Nov. 8 - who would you vote for, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton or her Republican challenger Donald Trump?

The polling organization Gallup International released findings on Sep. 30 from a “virtual vote” conducted with 44,194 adults in 45 countries in August and September. For South Korea, the Clinton vote came out to 82%. China had the highest rate of support for Trump among any of the countries at 44%.

Five countries had more than 80% of respondents picking Clinton: Finland with 86%, Portugal with 85%, South Korea with 82%, Sweden with 82%, and Colombia with 81%. Support for Trump was just 3% in South Korea, putting it alongside Jordan, Azerbaijan, and Japan with the lowest rate. In Japan, Clinton enjoyed 50% support, while 37% of participants said they did not know or declined to answer.

China had the smallest gap between the two candidates: Clinton with 53% and Trump with 44%. Russia had the second highest rate of support for Trump at 33%. Among the 45 countries, support for Clinton was lowest in Russia at 10%. The second lowest level of support for Clinton was in Palestine at 40%.

Trump previously caused controversy by suggesting Russia should attempt to hack Clinton’s emails, while Clinton offered her own distortions by suggesting in a televised debate that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and claiming Trump invited President Vladimir Putin to hack Americans.

Among the 1,007 adult participants surveyed in South Korea, 85% of ruling Saenuri Party supporters cast a virtual vote for Clinton, as did 88% of Minjoo Party supporters and 94% of People’s Party supporters.

At 91%, South Korea also had the highest percentage of respondents agreeing that the US election would have an impact on their own country. Other rates included 82% for Brazil and China; 80% for Canada, Italy, and Portugal; 78% for Germany; and 76% for Iraq. Seventy percent of Japanese respondents and 40% of Russian ones agreed that the election would have an impact on them. Mexico, which shares a border with the US, had the highest rate of “no impact” responses at 73%.

By Kim Nam-il, staff reporter

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