A mere 4 in 10 Korean teenagers think they live in a safe society

Posted on : 2023-05-31 17:24 KST Modified on : 2023-05-31 17:24 KST
Teenage girls were more likely to be anxious about crime than their male peers
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A new report shows that only 4 in 10 Korean teens believe that they live in a safe society. Teen girls were found to experience more anxiety about their safety than their male peers.

According to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’s “2023 Teenager Statistics” report released on Tuesday, 40.4% of teenagers believe that Korean society is generally safe, up 2.3 points from the previous survey in 2020.

The results were gendered, however. While 45.2% of teen boys reported feeling that their society was safe, only 35.2% of their female peers felt the same.

Teenage girls listed crime (29%), novel diseases (18.1%), and economic risks (10.2%) as the top three causes of anxiety in society. On the other hand, teenage boys listed novel diseases (20.2%), national security (17.6%), and economic risks (12.9%) as causes for anxiety.

Gender equality recognition slipped slightly from 2020, with 96.4% of respondents agreeing with the statement “Men and women should have equal rights in all respects.” After reaching a high of 97.1% agreement in 2020, this rate slipped to 96.8% in 2021, and 96.4% in 2022. Still, the numbers have remained above the 95% mark since 2017.

Teenage deaths were up 1.3 points in 2021 from the year prior at a total of 1,933. Among the causes of death, intentional self-harm (suicide) was the highest at 11.7%, with accidents (3.7%) and cancer (2.7%) coming in next. The rate of depression among teenagers was up 1.9 points from the previous year at 28.7%.

The statistics on teens are compiled from relevant statistics collected by various agencies and organizations including Statistics Korea, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, the National Youth Policy Institute and others. The South Korean government has been putting out these statistics on teenagers annually since 2002.

By Oh Se-jin, staff reporter

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