Applications open for Hinzpeter Awards for bravery in video journalism

Posted on : 2024-06-07 17:33 KST Modified on : 2024-06-07 17:33 KST
The prize is named after the German journalist Jürgen Hinzpeter whose coverage of Gwangju in May 1980 alerted the world to the horrors of Korea’s authoritarian government
From the official website for the Hinzpeter Awards.
From the official website for the Hinzpeter Awards.

The Hinzpeter Awards, the first international journalism prize hosted by South Korea, has begun the nomination process for this year’s awards. The awards are named after German journalist Jürgen Hinzpeter, who covered the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement in 1980. The first Hinzpeter Awards ceremony was held in October 2021. The screening committee looks for reporters who cover and film situations where democracy, human rights, and peace are threatened.  

The Korea Video Journalist Association and the May 18 Foundation recently published the schedule for the fourth Hinzpeter Awards. The international screening committee began accepting submissions on June 1, and will continue until July 7. The committee will announce the winners in September. The awards ceremony will be held on Nov. 7 in Gwangju. The awards have three competitive categories: news, features, and the “world at a crossroads.” The non-competitive category is the May Gwangju prize. Each prize offers US$10,000 and a trophy.  

The documentary “Inside Russia: Putin's War at Home” was awarded the World at a Crossroads Award last year. It focused on internal opposition to the war in Ukraine and the Kremlin’s suppression of dissent. “The Battle of Bakhmut,” which highlighted the battle for key territory in southeastern Ukraine, won the Award for News. “Russian Soft Power in the CAR,” which covers Russian mercenary activity in the Central African Republic, won the Award for Features. 

Georg Schmidt, the German ambassador to Korea, sent a congratulatory video to the organization committee of the Hinzpeter Awards on May 17.  

“I salute all the journalists and their courage to do their jobs,” Schmidt said. “I hope we will have a lot of applications for this year’s Hinzpeter Awards.  

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By Park Kang-su, staff reporter 

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