Police arrest another Internet writer

Posted on : 2009-05-16 12:39 KST Modified on : 2009-05-16 12:39 KST
Arrest of poet for National Security Law violations causes concern for the freedom of expression

A famous Internet writer and poet Yang Hyung-ku, age 46, was arrested on charges of violating the National Security Law. The security department of Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency announced on Friday the arrest of Yang who had written approximately 1900 articles, including 50 articles praising a federation model for unification and the Chuch'e ideology of North Korea on both the Internet media outlet “Daily Seoprise” and his blog from September 2007 to April 2009.

Hae Du-han, the vice chief of the security department of Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency said, “It has been confirmed that Yang had secured ten materials which were classified as materials benefiting the enemy and cited them in his articles. The police said that online hits for his articles exceed 600 thousand. Police now ban Yang who is detained at Changwon City’s West Police Station from giving an interview.

Yang has worked as carpenter after graduating high school and became a poet in 2007. Min Tae-sik, Yang’s defense lawyer, says, “Mr. Yang just shared his personal opinions on the Internet, and I am concerned that the police have an intention to curtail freedom of expression."

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