Entertainment industry workers confirm being urged to offer sex

Posted on : 2009-07-06 14:00 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST
Entertainment union survey shows 62 percent of respondents say they have experienced disadvantages in refusing to offer some form of bribery
 on July 3.
on July 3.

It has been confirmed that entertainment industry workers in South Korea are prompted to offer sex. The Hankyoreh 21, a weekly news magazine of The Hankyoreh, has obtained the results of a survey conducted by the Entertainers in Film and Broadcasting Union that finds 19.1 percent, 35 out of 183 respondents, say they “have had an experience of being urged to offer sex.”

The union sent a survey to 2000 entertainers, representing 95 percent of the total number of entertainers, and received 183 responses. Almost 25 percent, 45 respondents, said they “had an experience of being urged to offer money as bribery,” while 68.2 percent, or 125 respondents, responded that they “have heard of cases among colleagues.”

In a section of the survey allowing multiple responses, 19.1 percent, 35 respondents indicated that they themselves or others they know “have had an experience of being urged to offer sex as bribery.” Meanwhile, 34.4 percent, 63 respondents said they “were urged to participate in a business banquet to provide personal entertainment for an entertainment executive or broadcast official.

In the section of the survey asking who were the initiators, the respondents named approximately 10 persons who work as producers and senior officials in broadcasting companies, scenario writers, businessmen and politicians. The union, however, is not disclosing any names.

Meanwhile, 62.3 percents, 114 respondents, said they have experienced disadvantages in refusing to make offers.

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