Halal Korean cuisine restaurant coming to Daegu next year

Posted on : 2015-09-01 16:27 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST
City officials think that growing number of Muslim residents and tourists create sufficient demand for halal restaurant

Daegu will be getting its own halal Korean restaurant next year.

The term “halal” refers to foods and products consumed by Muslims, or followers of the Islamic faith. South Korea currently has five certified halal restaurants. The new restaurant in Daegu would be the second serving halal Korean food - including bulgogi, bibimbap, and grilled fish - after another in Seoul’s Itaewon neighborhood.

“We’ve seen a number of Korean Muslims who are interested in opening halal Korean restaurants,” a city official said on Aug. 31.

“We’re planning to support the opening of the halal restaurant next year by giving assistance to them through grocery funds and other support,” the city explained, adding that three food companies supplying ingredients would also be opening in the restaurant.

Another aim for the restaurant and food companies in Daegu is to earn them Malaysian certification, which requires meeting stricter terms than those adopted by the Korea Muslim Federation.

Prepared according to Islamic custom, halal food has recently been drawing worldwide attention for its cleanness, flavor, and freshness. Exportation to Islamic countries requires a halal certification mark, with different countries - including South Korea, India, Pakistan, and Turkey - having their own certification bodies. The Malaysian certification is widely recognized as the highest-ranking in the world.

While the global halal food market has grown rapidly to between 1.2 and 1.3 quadrillion won (US$1.01-1.10 trillion), the size of South Korea’s market remains very small.

“There are around 5,000 Muslims living in Daegu, and the number of Muslim tourists visiting the city has been rising recently,” said another city official.

“We think there’s ample demand for a halal Korean restaurant.”

By Koo Dae-sun, Daegu correspondent

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