[Photo] ILO calls for release of imprisoned labor leader Han Sang-gyun

Posted on : 2017-11-17 16:54 KST Modified on : 2017-11-17 16:54 KST

The International Labor Organization called on the Korean government to release the president of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Han Sang-gyun, who was given a three year prison sentence in Dec. 2016 for organizing protests during the Park Geun-hye administration. The recommendation came in a report from ILO’s Committee on the Freedom of Association that was drafted during the 331st Session of the ILO Governing Body that took place in Geneva from Oct. 26 – Nov. 9.

In response, the KCTU released a statement saying, “In the process of ratifying the ILO core labor standards, we call on the government to urgently prepare a plan for implementing the recommendations of the Committee on the Freedom of Association, including the release of President Han.”


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