China and North Korea developing commercial ports

Posted on : 2012-09-18 14:27 KST Modified on : 2019-10-19 20:29 KST
Series of 4 or 5 ports is latest bit of cooperation between two close economic allies

By Park Min-hee, Beijing correspondent

North Korea and China will develop 4 or 5 ports in the eastern coastal area of North Korea.

A source in Beijing said on Sept. 17 that it was confirmed through a Chinese government official that “4 to 5 ports in the eastern coastal area of North Korea in locations such as Seon-bong, Rajin, Cheong-jin, Gim-chaek, Dan-cheon, Heung-nam and Won-san are being jointly developed by North Korean and Chinese companies.” The source added that in addition to the two ports that are being developed in Rajin and Chongjin currently, businesses in the two countries are discussing specific conditions for development in the other areas. This is the first time that this information has been confirmed by a Chinese government official.

The Rajin Port is already being developed as a special economic zone. In 2008 the Chuangli Group in Dairen, Liaoning province secured the rights to the No. 1 pier in Najin Port. Also recently, Yanbian News reported that the Yanbian Huaihua Group, a private enterprise in Jilin province has entered into a contract with North Korea General Bureau of Ports on September 1 to jointly develop the port in Chongjin. The Chongjin Harbor Joint Venture Company will develop, manage and use for the next 30 years piers No. 3 and 4, which have total process capacity of 700 tons.


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